How to Publish a Childrens Book

Have you written a children’s book and don’t know to steps to publish it?

My 9 year old son, Myles Hall, just published his first children’s book, The Fuzzy Pillow (available at Amazon and  Myles would say the road between writing a story and publishing an actual childrens book is as easy as 1-2-3.

However, publishing a children’s book is a bit more complicated than publishing a standard fiction or non fiction book.

To make the steps toward your children’s book publishing goal easier, I’ve detailed the following steps.

  1. Who is your Target Audience?  What are the ages and grades of the children you will be writing for?
  2. Develop your Characters.  Organize your Characters.  How old are they?  What are they like?  What do they do, like, live?
  3. Develop a Story Line.  What message would you like the convey?  What is the book about?
  4. Write and Edit your Book.  Yes! Even a Children’s book should be edited.
  5. Decide on the Size of your Children’s Book.  The typical size is 8.25 x 8.25, always go with the standard children’s book sizes given by the print on demand company that you choose.  However, you must decide on the size of your book before moving onto step 6.
  6. Illustrations = Cover & Interior Pages.   This is the fun part.  Great illustrations make your book characters come to life.  The cost of each illustration will depend on the complexity of the character, and what is happening in the background of the illustration.   For Example: An illustration with a detailed bookshelf in the background will be more expensive than an illustration with a simple blue horizon.  Your illustrator should give you final files in both jpeg, as well as, ai formats for each illustration. You will also need the illustrator to give you final Cover/Back Cover, as well as, interior files in the Print on Demand Company’s print specifications.
  7. Protect your Intellectual Property.  Copyrighting, ISBN Numbers.  Copywrite each book online through the US Copyrite Office.  Every book must have an ISBN number.  If you are self publishing your book under your own Publishing Company and have the intention to publish up to 10 books or more, than it is advisable to purchase a block of ISBN numbers.   Otherwise you may obtain a free ISBN number through the Print on Demand company that you are using.  Be advised that if you use the ISBN number of the Print on Demand Company (such as Lulu or Createspace) that company will be listed as the publisher of your book.
  8. Marketing Plan.   You publish the book and sales will come, right?  No, actually you, the author, will need to market and promote your book.  Put your website and marketing plan in place before your book goes live.
  9. Upload to your Favorite Print on Demand Company.  There are a number of Print on Demand companies in the marketplace.  Our favorite is Createspace a division of Amazon.  The old days of having to order 10,000 unit print runs and storing them in your basement while trying to sell them is gone.  The advantages of using a Print on Demand Company is the ability to order as few or many quality printed books as you like, at any time.

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